About Us

"Seven swords were in her heart but one was in her hand"

Ever wonder where our slogan came from? I got it from The Ballad of the White horse by G. K. Chesterton.

Reading it one day, I realized it would be the perfect slogan for a rosary business. It reminds us that Our Lady not only suffers beside her son, but she fights beside her son. For "she was a queen most womanly, but she was a queen of men."

How did it start?

It started with a family. It started with a broken rosary. Well, to be honest, it started with multiple broken rosaries. Our family was notorious for breaking every rosary we ever had. We were at the end of our rope when my Down Syndrome brother broke one of the "unbreakable" WWI battle rosaries. 

Then, a friend of ours made my father his first paracord rosary. This rosary has now been in our family for seven years. Now, using the same crucifixes, stainless steel beads and the highest quality paracord I can find, I make our family's rosaries... and we have yet to break one. 

As we moved from Phoenix to Charlotte, I decided to start sharing these rosaries with the world.

This business grew more than I could have ever imagined. As I continue to college, I plan to keep growing and expanding.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. You are why I am still in business and can continue doing this. Hopefully, for years to come!

Meet the team!


Katie started WarriorWeapons during a cross country move. She manages the website, makes the rosaries, ships them out... and basically does everything.


The "famous" rosary tester. Matt tests our rosaries by hanging from them. He'll also break just about anything... except these rosaries.


When not sleeping, Sarah helps with taking pictures, and managing the business when I'm away.